Ancient Age

Ancient Age: An Endless Journey in Place

- In collaboration with Taylor Holloway

Installation at The Logan Square Comfort Station, January 14-February 19, 2017.  A mise-en-scene of the Pleistocene Era, in the form of an over-sized window-box diorama.  The installation re-creates the culmination of the last Ice Age, and the recession of the Laurentide Ice Sheet which shaped the landscape of Illinois.

Ancient Age, a journey of magical realism, transports us into a distant past that has always been beneath our feet.  The bay window becomes a porthole to a nature we may have forgotten, but the land we call Illinois has not. Ancient Age employs a layered landscape of paper flora and fauna in a narrative of light and shadow. We are pressed to consider what was here before us, what will remain long after we are gone, and what we decide to leave in our wake.

In the Midwest we lack an abundance of legible geological strata attesting to the abiding passage of time.  Ancient Age provokes us to consider the ceaseless cycles of nature--beyond our day-to-day; be it millennias, elections, or just these few winter months.  Harnessing silhouette, light, and contextuality, Ancient Age revels in fabrication and delight.